Ali Goldstein/NBC
September 15, 2011 at 09:04 PM EDT

It would be pretty hard to top Jon Hamm and Matt Damon but 30 Rock is going to try: The NBC comedy just put out a casting call for a man ages 36-40 (talk about a very particular age window!) who can play Liz Lemon’s next love interest. Here’s the official description: “California-bred with liberal values and a youthful innocence. Easy-going but confident with a strong sense of self.” The role would definitely involve a multiple-episode commitment.

The comedy is asking for stars as well as lesser-known names, so just about any Hollywood hunk could get the chance to snuggle with Liz. Still, we prefer the idea of a big star to play opposite the great Tina Fey. Who says Armie Hammer couldn’t portray a California-bred babe? Or wouldn’t Channing Tatum pretty up the halls of TGS? (Okay, so maybe we’re not totally sticking to that 36-40 age window, but a girl can still dream, right?)

Help the good folks of 30 Rock and take our poll! Or suggest one of your own. Just remember: Patrick Wilson is booked on CBS’ A Gifted Man so that California babe is taken (for now).


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