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'Rachel Zoe Project': Enough Rodger!

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Rodger Berman
Barbara Nitke/Bravo

I didn’t expect to become a fan of The Rachel Zoe Project. But I was sick one weekend and medicated with a season 3 marathon. Zoe is on-the-surface ridiculous, and the episode of her fawning over Kate Hudson was kind of embarrassing, but she’s a hard worker and good at her job and at once shrewd and weirdly adorable. And she shared a delightfully entertaining rapport with her prone-to-blushing assistant Brad. He was wonderful and witty and excitable and often used old episodes of 90210 as touchstones. (When client Johnny Weir showed up to Elton John’s dinner party in the same suit as another guest Brad declared this a disaster on par with Kelly and Brenda’s matching prom dresses.) Alas, he and Zoe have since parted ways. We’re being led to believe by Team Zoe that he’s done her wrong, but I still don’t understand his crime. Signing with a management company seems a perfectly reasonable decision for someone so obviously telegenic to make.

It’s a good thing that season 4 can lean so heavily on Rachel’s pregnancy. (Mazel Zoe Berman family!) Because there’s a lot less fizz in this cocktail with Brad gone. Adding insult to injury, we’re now getting saddled with more of Zoe’s peevish husband Rodger. What a buzz kill, this guy. Irritable, snappish, and smug, Rodger is the guy who doesn’t realize his employees all roll their eyes when he starts pontificating at them. Go to Vegas, Rodger! I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice husband and father but his screen time needs to be halved, and fast. And I’m not sold on slick new guy Jeremiah (“Hi-yoh!”) either. Lucky for Rachel, lucky for all of us, her makeup artist Joey agreed to move back to Los Angeles for the duration of her pregnancy on last night’s episode. We badly need his wit and cocked eyebrow, to say nothing of the edgy tenderness with which he seems to treat his boss. Put Rodger in his place Joey. And if he ever calls you a bitch again for putting down his dumb scarves, you go ahead and key his damn Mercedes.

Any RZP fans out there similarly dismayed by Rodger”s sudden burst of airtime? If he had a different haircut would he be more bearable? Doesn’t it seem like he equally bugs Mandana? More Jan! Less Jeremiah! Does Rachel have any real reason to feel betrayed by Brad and do you think there’s any hope we’ll see him again this season? Surely he sent an elegant baby present.