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'Big Brother' season finale

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Big Brother Adam

UPDATE: My full recap of all the season finale shenanigans is live! Check it out here.

Tonight, two of the great polarizing contestants in Big Brother history will compete against a lovely young girl named after a car. The prize: half a million dollars, plus bragging rights for winning a season defined by rug-pulling twists and Veteran domination. For me, the season never quite recovered its energy after the high point of the Daniele/Jeff double-eviction bloodbath, but it’s easy to understand why this summer’s Big Brother had the series’ highest ratings since 2004: From Evel Dick’s mysterious departure to Brendon’s eviction-return-eviction, from Jeff’s betrayed-puppy Jury House meltdown to Jordan’s brilliant farewell-speech takedown of Porsche, and from Daniele’s plotting to Rachel’s semi-schizophrenic mood swings, this was a good season for old favorites. (As for new favorites…well, I kind of liked Shelly.)

Who will be crowned the victor of Big Brother? I and my fellow recapper Kate Ward are betting big on Rachel. We’ll all find out tonight on the 90-minute finale. UPDATE: The votes are in and a new winner has been crowned! Read all about it after the jump (SPOILER ALERT!)

Insanity! Unthinkable! Incredible! Rachel won the jury vote 4-3, capping an incredible season that saw her win a nonstop array of competitions, survive both of Brendon’s evictions, and come back strong from a midseason descent into a depressive spiral. We’re big Rachel fans here at the EW office, so hooray! Whatever your thoughts on the buxom redheaded supernova, you gotta admit: She earned this thing.

Tell us your thoughts about the finale in the comments. Read my full recap here. And, of course, tell me your thoughts on Twitter. Anyone else out there that Adam was rocking a Breaking Bad-esque Walter White goatee tonight?