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Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, ... | ROCK & ROLL Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon in Footloose
Everett Collection

We gave it a B+

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a Footloose remake hitting theaters next month. Regardless of whether you think this is a brilliant idea or a god-awful one, it’s a good time to flash back to 1984, when Kevin Bacon was such a nobody that Paramount couldn’t picture him as rug-cutting rebel Ren McCormack. Director Herbert Ross was so convinced, though, that he set up a screen test to change the studio’s mind. That audition — just one of the many terrific EXTRAS on the new Footloose Blu-ray (1984, PG, 1 hr., 47 mins.) — is an endearing ’80s time capsule. ”When I look at this kid, it’s almost hard for me to believe it’s me,” the now-grown-up kid says in a new interview. Baby-faced at 21 and decked out in a spiky new-wave haircut, Bacon is so electric in his tryout that you can’t take your eyes off him. But in case you can, you’ll notice that his partner isn’t Lori Singer (who hadn’t been cast yet) but Haviland Morris, better known as Jake Ryan’s girlfriend in Sixteen Candles. Elsewhere on the disc, castmate Sarah Jessica Parker drops by to reminisce about the late Chris Penn, who played the dance-phobic hick Willard and who, she confesses, ”was the first love of my life.” Who knew? As for the film itself, yeah, it may be a bit lightweight, but it still makes you want to kick off your Sunday shoes. B+