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Dave Grohl still doesn't care for 'Glee' on 'Chelsea Lately': Watch it here

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If Dave Grohl didn’t love being in a rock band as much as he did, he totally could have his own talk show.

The former Nirvana drummer and longtime Foo Fighters frontman is open, biting, honest, and always hilarious, whether it’s in an award-winning video or as a guest on Chelsea Lately.

Grohl did the latter last night, and his eight-minute conversation with host Chelsea Handler (which you can watch below) was not entirely revelatory, but it was almost unbearably charming.

Grohl hit on a bunch of topics, including his band’s win at the VMAs (he joked that had Cloris Leachman not been present, he would have been the oldest person at the show), the dearth of “real” rock bands, his group’s approach live (“We don’t sound like the record, we sound like five dudes beating the s— out of our instruments”), and his stance on Glee (“As a rock musician, why should you have to say ‘OK Glee, take my song and turn it into a f—ing musical?”). Check out their conversation below.

Grohl also told the story behind Hot Buns, the strange commercial plugging the Foo Fighters’ upcoming tour that went viral earlier this month. “That’s based on personal experience,” he told Handler. “We were sitting in this truck stop, and I noticed these big burly truckers going in to take showers. They kept calling out numbers for people to go take showers, and over the P.A. was a song by Queen called ‘Body Language,’ which sounds like the soundtrack to a gay porn. I was sitting there eating breakfast, thinking, ‘Am I the only one noticing what’s going on here?'”

It’s great that Grohl loves his rock life so much, but he’s really denying the late night world of a killer personality. Wouldn’t you watch Late Night With Dave Grohl religiously? Let us know in the comments.

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