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If you’re like me, you thought Daniele was going to win this season of Big Brother. Actually, if you’re like me, you thought Daniele was going to metaphorically sail to victory down a metaphorical river of her opponents’ blood on a metaphorical sailboat made out of the jabbering zombie corpses of Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche. Metaphors! But the last couple weeks have harshly corrected any such notion. Rachel and Jordan have staged a late-season surge — all the more impressive since they both seemed catatonic for about a month there. Going into tonight’s special eviction episode, the last remaining vestiges of Daniele’s alliance are up on the block. Can either Porsche or Kalia win the Power of Veto? Maybe…but even if one of them does, Rachel will probably just put Adam up as a pawn replacement. One of Daniele’s old allies will go home tonight. (My money’s on Porsche, beep beep, vroom!) UPDATE: And the evicted contestant is (SPOILER ALERT)…

Kalia was voted out after delivering a scorched-earth final plea that slammed perpetual floater Adam for his inability to take a big move. Jordan, surprisingly, voted out Porsche…but after Adam voted for Kalia, Rachel sealed her fate.

Check back on later tonight for my full recap of the eviction episode. (UPDATE: Click for Darren’s full Big Brother eviction recap.) In the meantime, tell me your post-game thoughts in the comment boards, and share any especially potent thoughts with me on Twitter. ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Adam somehow won Head of Household, which means he is almost certainly giggling like a schoolgirl right now (see above photograph). Start the conversation: Has Adam suddenly made himself an actual Big Brother player? End the conversation: No.

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