September 02, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Rihanna, ”Cheers (Drink To That)”
RiRi abandons high-concept gloss for an intimate road diary, splicing together performance clips from her current Loud Tour with home videos of back- and offstage shenanigans. Famous friends Kanye, Jay-Z, and Avril Lavigne make cameos, but it’s mostly a sweet, goofy portrait of a global superstar who’s also still a just-wanna-have-fun girl. A-

Beyoncé, ”1+1”
Is it getting moist in here? While an electric guitarist solos in the background, Beyoncé runs her fingers through water, rubs ice cubes everywhere, and glistens in leopard-print lingerie. She’s as gorgeous as ever, but the steaminess is a little too Victoria’s Secret for such a class act. Someone needs to wean herself off that Evian misting fan. B

Red Hot Chili Peppers, ”The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”
Ever since the Beatles’ Let It Be, the Spontaneous Rooftop Concert has been done to death, and this one’s not helping the cause. Shot in Venice Beach, it focuses too little on the band’s inspired bass-thumping and cowbell-ringing, and too much on the knuckleheads watching the show. L.A. is already overrun with shirtless guys. Must we watch them fist-pump? C

Lil Wayne, ”How To Love”
The scenario for Weezy’s prettily syncopated slow jam plays out like a super-brutal Sliding Doors, in which a girl’s broken home life leads her to bad boys, prostitution, and physical ruin. Subtract the abusive jailbird dad, and she becomes a good student with a future as bright as Gwyneth’s movie-star teeth. It’s not exactly subtle, but it’s affecting. B+

blink-182, ”Up All Night”
Teenagers run riot in suburban streets in the still-shredding pop-punk trio’s latest — partying, making out, and destroying property like they’re starring in a very special episode of COPS: Juveniles Gone Wild. Meanwhile, the only reason we’re ever up all night anymore is because we think we might have eaten bad Thai food. Ah, youth! B+

Jill Scott, ”Hear My Call”
Scott faces the camera in unflinching close-up, letting a full weather system of emotions work through her as she unfurls her stricken, string-laden ballad. It’s less music video than full-on theatrical monologue, like the post-”And I Am Telling You” moment we didn’t get to see in Dreamgirls. B

OK Go, ”Muppet Show Theme Song”
If scientists analyzed the meme potential of this reboot, they’d rate it somewhere on the level of ”Cute Baby Laughing Hysterically.” With cameos by Sweetums, the Swedish Chef, and other favorite Muppets, it also features puppies and treadmill dancing (both references to other OK Go videos). Throw in a yawning kitten, and our hearts might explode. B+

Charlotte Gainsbourg, ”Terrible Angels”
Who’s more badass than French chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg? How about a dozen Charlotte Gainsbourgs? In this impossibly chic thriller, she and her doppelgängers stay busy wearing leather jackets, doing synchronized dance moves, racing shiny black cars around a parking lot, and plotting one another’s deaths. Watch out, Charlotte! Charlotte’s gonna get you. A-

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