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Wardrobe notes: The Playboy Bunny

Costume designer Isis Mussenden explains all the attention to detail (and history!) that went into designing the iconic costume

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1. Ears
The ears look like they’re attached to a hair band, but it’s actually a detachable headpiece. That way, says Mussenden, ”they could pin it into those big [’60s] hairstyles.”

2. Color
Mussenden re-created the 10 colors used in the original club, choosing baby blue for Maureen. ”She looks innocent,” she says, ”like a young bunny.” The suits were then custom-tailored for the actors — and even the extras. ”It fits within an inch of their lives!”

3. Cuff Links
Provided by Playboy, the cuff links sport a bunny insignia — and their own rules. ”The bunnies must be facing each other,” she says. ”That was a note from Playboy.”

4. Tail
Mussenden went through seven types of yarn before finding a winner. ”We needed the right weight so it’s fluffy and so it doesn’t look like a dead rag.”

5. Tights
Each Bunny dons two pairs of hose. ”If you ever thought, ‘Those Bunnies have the most amazing legs,’ well, when you wear two pairs of hose — it pulls them in really tight,” Mussenden says.