September 02, 2011 at 04:59 PM EDT

Shelly Moore seemed resigned and a little bit relieved to sit down with Julie Chen on Thursday’s edition of Big Brother, but the outdoors executive from Prairieville, LA, knows she’s got some serious apologizing to do when she enters the Jury House.

“I am nervous,” the 41-year-old married mom told EW. “The first thing I want to do is give Jeff (Schroeder) a hug and tell him I’m sorry. It’s a game, I made a game move, but at least he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it didn’t work and that his lovely girlfriend is still in the house. I hope she does well. There are a few people who don’t deserve to be in those final two chairs. I always hoped a genuinely good, kind and decent person throughout the game would make it to the end.”

Moore started the game thinking that she was one of those types of people; indeed, she was shocked to learn how stable and successful her life was compared to some of the other players. “In the first week when I learned the back stories of these people, the lives they’ve led, the difficult hardships they went through, I felt a little bad. I have such an amazing life. I’m here for the experience and to play the game to and to obviously win. But there are people who need this money to survive. It made it emotional for me. When you are playing a game you have to do things you don’t normally do in life. Things that make you successful in the Big Brother house, don’t make you successful out of it.”

Though she was thrilled that her fellow house guests didn’t obsess about her being the oldest player,  it put her in the position of having to act like everyone’s mom. “A lot of people came to me for motherly advice or reassurance, and it made it more emotional because people put their problems on me! Even Jordan said `I feel bad for you. Everybody brings their problems to you.’ I don’t know if the public got to see that.”

Not really, but it did get to see a lot of those crocodile tears. Moore admits that she shed far too many of them. “I hate that I cried,” she admitted. “It’s embarrassing but emotionally, I did break.” Her lowest moment occurred when Schroeder turned on her for betraying the veterans’ alliance – a move that she thought was necessary for her survival. Moore regrets not coming clean to Schroeder about her duplicity, but she still thinks she made the best decision to align herself with the vets (at least in the beginning).

“I didn’t want to stick with the newbies! A lot of them — Keith, Dominic, Adam — just wanted to take off and do different things, not have a little self-control,” Moore said. “The veterans at least had a little more control over what went on in the game. With all the new people, everybody wanted to be the hero, the leader, everybody wanted to take over. I just didn’t think that was a good place to be. Given my age and the veterans’ experience, I thought those two things would mesh together. I always loved how Jeff and Jordan played the game, so I knew I would be playing with them.”

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