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'Hunger Games' Capitol site: Which district are you?

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You know, reading The Hunger Games, I always felt I had a lot in common with Foxface. Like the red-headed tribute, I like to avoid conflict and I love stealing cheese. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Capitol has placed me in her home, District 5.

What am I talking about? A new website — presumably operated by Lionsgate (who has not responded to EW’s queries regarding the site) and fictionally operated by the novel’s evil Capitol — allows users to randomly register in a Panem district. It also offers a “Countdown to the 74th Hunger Games” that, conveniently enough, take place on March 23, 2012, the day of the Gary Ross-helmed release, and a “Capitol Announcements” news ticker that informs users of gems like, “Reminder: Communication with Avoxes is strictly forbidden. Loose lips attract a peacekeeper’s whip!” Another offering from the Capitol’s website: The number of tesserae — i.e. food credits that enter tributes into the Hunger Games raffle — claimed by each district. (Still waiting for a “Pin the Ridiculous Clothing Item on the Capitol Inhabitant” interactive game.)

It’s not exactly clear what happens once after you register for your district — I’m still waiting for my Identification Passes to process. But so far, none of my friends have been placed in my district, which means, of course, I must be given the opportunity to defeat them. Get me to that Cornucopia, Capitol!

Tell me, PopWatchers: Which district are you in?

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