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Hurricane Irene: What will you be watching?

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Matt Bomer Rain Collar
Bobby Bank/WireImage.com

The most important thing during a Hurricane watch is keeping everyone safe. Of course. But even if it’s a distant second, keeping yourself entertained is also an issue. So, if you’re in the line of Hurricane Irene, how are you planning to pass the weekend indoors? It’s a difficult call for me: The basement of my eight-unit apartment building is definitely going to flood at some point, and my super has already let us know that when it does, he’ll have to turn off the power and keep it off until 24 hours after the water recedes. I was planning on hunkering down with my DVR/life partner Peter and some DVDs (and then actually having the time/motivation to read a book by flashlight when the power goes out), but now that I see my New Jersey town’s officials are suggesting folks in my area spend the weekend elsewhere if possible, I’m thinking I should pack my flashlight and wine (Phase One of my personal hurricane preparedness) and crash with a friend. But that means spending the weekend with her DVR and DVDs.

This shouldn’t be this tough of a decision, but those of you who know the joy of a TV marathon feel my pain. I’m in the mood to finally crack open White Collar, Louie, and UK Torchwood DVDs, she’s finally catching up on The Wire. She’s already rented four movies that I, too, have never seen (good!), but wasn’t rushing to either (eh). Is it weird if we’re sitting in her comfy studio apartment and I’m watching DVDs on my laptop so we both get our ideal holed-up-for-the-hurricane experience? Before you call me insane, let me add that I travel a lot for family reasons, so I get like one weekend a month to myself, and this is August’s. Also, I posed this question to my colleague Chris Nashawaty in the elevator and he agreed it was tough (he’d stay put).

So, we have two questions really: What should I do this weekend? And what are your plans to entertain yourself?

(One answer for you: That photo above is of White Collar‘s Matt Bomer filming in NYC on March 21 not during a hurricane.)

UPDATE: The decision has been made to abandon Peter, who will probably not record True Blood out of spite.

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