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'House': New season 8 promo!

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Judging by the just-released promo, season 8 looks to be filled with tough times for Dr. Gregory House — and a fair amount of ass-kickings.

After crashing his car into Cuddy’s home at the end of last season and then fleeing to an undisclosed beach-y location, it doesn’t look like House escaped justice after all. (Of course, if you keep up with spoilers, you already knew that.)

Sure, we know you’re not totally happy about a Cuddy-less House, but am I alone in thinking this trip to prison looks pretty darn awesome? It could be the Justified-esque music that plays in the promo effecting my opinion or the oddly attractive longer hair on Laurie. But I don’t think that’s it. Like in the psychiatric ward episodes in season 6, I love seeing House out of his element. It always serves as a good way to keep him on his toes, and after a mixed bag of a season last year, that’s exactly what we need.

Watch below and share your thoughts in comments!


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