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Bret Michaels teams with Donald Trump for new reality show

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Where’s the Bret Michaels I once knew and loved? The same guy who chose a romantic partner based on how well she maneuvered a stripper pole? The same guy who would still kiss a woman immediately after she vomited? The same guy who found this attractive? He’s gone, PopWatchers. Gone! This especially hit me after hearing this news: A rep for Donald Trump confirmed a Page Six item reporting that the Donald and Celebrity Apprentice winner Michaels are teaming together for a new reality series called Something To Believe In. For all of you fellow die-hard Rock of Love fans hoping that “something” is “STD testing,” I hate to disappoint you. The series would be all about charity. According to Page Six, Something To Believe In would follow Michaels as he travels across the country helping people in need. Yes, but, Bret: I’m in need of a gaggle of plastic women willing to trade their dignity for “backstage pass” into your bed!

Yet, I have to give the guy props for the image-180 he’s accomplished since appearing on Celebrity Apprentice and suffering a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. He successfully established himself as a family man on Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, and Something To Believe In seems a logical next step. Still, I can’t help but yearn for the days of Rock of Love ridiculata. Michaels was most in his element when playing the straight man to the craziest reality TV has to offer. Though we can all get behind the message of Something To Believe In, can viewers believe in a tame Michaels? Hey, he’s certainly more likeable than Ty Pennington, right?

Excited for the possibility of Something To Believe In? Or do you wish Michaels would drop the TLC in favor of some T&A?

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