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What's the strangest TV on DVD you have in your collection?

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Bob Saget Videos
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“What?! It was for research!” That’s the excuse I will inevitably use when people find season 1 of Hey Dude in my DVD collection and judge me for it. It is true, I did need the first season of the landmark (well, to me, anyway) Nickelodeon comedy about life at the Bar None Ranch for our ongoing coverage of ’90s nostalgia. But, in all honesty, I own it because it’s a hilarious throwback to my childhood and I’m still definitely, maybe pining over Ted. Still, the DVD absolutely looks weird being alphabetically nuzzled between Heat and In America (what the hell could these three possibly have to talk about when I leave?!) and it borders dangerously close to hipster irony that I own a ’90s children show that includes a lot of characters wearing neon.

Then again, I’m hardly the only one out there with a strange television show on DVD in my collection. Just last week, Kristen Bell admitted to the Los Angeles Times that she has “a couple of seasons” of America’s Funniest Home Videos (pictured here, during the Bob Saget era). Now ask yourself what’s truly weirder here, PopWatchers: that Bell actually owns a long-running series that handsomely rewards people for getting hit in the nuts or that you can find yourself agreeing with her sentiment that AFHV, “without fail puts me in a good mood” and now you kind of want to buy them, too?

Okay, now it’s your turn to confess which TV show on DVD bizarrely has a place in your collection. (Fun fact: Caroline in the City discs fit nicely into Mad Men DVD boxes. No one will ever be the wiser!) Do you, like The Onion‘s pick for the Nation’s Weirdest Teenager, own the first season of Murphy Brown on DVD? Or do you have possession of the season of ER when Noah Wyle goes to Africa, but none of the other years? How about the second season of Dharma & Greg? Share your explanations/justifications in the comments section below!

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