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That song in the new 'Grey's Anatomy' promos? We've got it streaming here -- EXCLUSIVE

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Scars On 45
Steve Gullick

Over the last six years, how much time have you spent searching the Internet for the name of a teasing snippet of music (see: Snow Patrol, the Fray, Ingrid Michaelson, etc.) you heard on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you’re a fan of the show’s music, EW is giving you the heads up on this one: That song from ABC’s new Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 promos, which hit TV screens last night, is the lovely “Heart On Fire” by British band Scars on 45. And you can hear it here in full first at EW.com. Have a listen below:

“Heart On Fire” will be released exclusively on the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack Volume 4,” which is scheduled for a Sept. 13 release and will include music by Lykke Li, The National, Cee-Lo Green and The Boxer Rebellion.

In the interim, you can also hear a live acoustic version of “Heart” available for download now at the ABC Music Lounge.


  1. “Get Some” – Lykke Li
  2. “Heart On Fire” – Scars on 45
  3. “Way To The Future” – Katie Herzig
  4. “Second Chance” – Peter Bjorn and John
  5. “Old Fashioned” – Cee Lo Green
  6. “England” – The National
  7. “Stare Into The Sun” – Graffiti 6
  8. “Worried About” – Lissie
  9. “Salt In The Wound” – Delta Spirit
  10. “Further” – Correatown
  11. “The Infidel” – The Republic Tigers
  12. “In Front Of You” – The Quiet Kind
  13. “Entwined” – Tim Myers
  14. “Both Sides Are Even” – The Boxer Rebellion

Does this get you lusting after another soapy, sexy season of Grey’s? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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