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Military band's 'Rolling in the Deep' cover sure beats those annoying techno remixes

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200Am I right or am I really right? I am normally something of a remix queen, but some of those radio remixes of “Rolling in the Deep” make me die inside. Like, way to not get the point of Adele.

This works, though: A military band led by a soulful servicewoman, two beefy yet understated guitarists, and some awesome reflective belts took on Adele’s hit — another reflective belt — for the Internet’s pleasure. Watch!

It’s the latest upload from AreYouSurprised, a faceless soldier from the Bible Belt who, in a series of YouTube videos, talks about the process of coming out to friends and fellow service members in anticipation of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal.

Did you miss the hidden gem at 1:03: Mildly Enthusiastic Fiddler? Blasphemy! Here he is:


It’s so blue.

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