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Sue Sylvester won't appear in 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie'

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Oh, Sue Sylvester, where art thou?

Fresh off the heels of the news from Jane Lynch that she will be downplaying the great tracksuit-ed one during her Emmys-hosting gig next month, Ryan Murphy announced he’s on Team Schuester that the actress and her already-iconic character won’t appear in the upcoming Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie, despite being featured rather prominently in the ads.

According to USA Today, Murphy confirmed during a press conference for the concert flick over the weekend that Lynch, who was filmed during the tour and appeared at live shows via satellite, was left on the cutting room floor for the theatrical version. But she’s not completely out of the picture, Murphy explained. “We’re doing another version in a couple of weeks on DVD. Jane will be on that. We’ll do it that way.” (EW reached out Murphy’s reps, who did not respond immediately.)

Despite our unwavering desire to watch Darren Criss do anything (especially in the third dimension) and see more of that awesome mini-Warbler at the 10-second mark, a dose of Lynch’s no-holds-barred coach always evens out the playing field a little bit, doesn’t it? As Lynch told the Los Angeles Times, in response to why she won’t break out her character much during the Emmys ceremony, “a little of Sue goes a long way.” In this case, that most definitely rings true. Yes, this is a Glee concert movie in which the cast of Glee performs songs from Glee (natch), but some well-timed jabs courtesy of Sue would have made the film a bit more appealing for those growing a little Glee weary as of late.

Nevertheless, we can still look forward to the DVD and anticipate what kind of barbs Sue Sylvester will sling at the hard-working Glee kids. Perhaps something along the lines of “Smooth moves! Did Will shine the stage with his hair wax?” or “You’re all under arrest, for assaulting all of my senses!” or simply the classic, “SLOPPY, FREAK SHOW BABIES!” They’re all winners.

Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie arrives in theaters on Aug. 12. But, hey, fellow Grinches, you can’t say Sue didn’t give you a heads up. How does Sue’s absence influence your excitement for this movie?

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