August 05, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

”What do you think that meant? Change my kitty litter?”

—Jason (Ryan Kwanten), after Sookie (Anna Paquin) says she’ll take care of him if he turns into a werepanther but won’t shoot him as he asks her to, on True Blood

”We think they’ve placed ‘a no-sex hex’ on the house.”

—Olivia Wilde, talking about the Jonas Brothers’ previous inhabitancy of her new house in L.A., on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

”What, are they going to be in newspapers soon? New York Times headline: ‘Unemployment drops, smiley face’?”

—Larry (Larry David), talking about how much he hates smiley faces in texts, on Curb Your Enthusiasm

”You are in a competition of design and you are going to show me a pair of white shorts and a tank top?”

—Nina Garcia, reviewing Josh’s underwhelming design, on Project Runway

”Why you’re dressed for a bisexual paintball tournament is a better question.”

—Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), referring to Drama’s (Kevin Dillon) print-happy shirt, on Entourage

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