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Benjamin Walker is on the verge of becoming popular. Yea! Yea!

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Benjamin Walker
Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

For anyone that was lucky enough to catch the unconventional, hilarious history lesson that was Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson during it’s far-too-brief run on Broadway, then you not only got to hear super catchy tunes like this, but you also earned bragging rights to getting to see a big star in the making: Benjamin Walker. Walker’s performance as the controversial seventh President of the United States was as funny and electric and sexual (some theater patrons would even get a lap dance courtesy of the leading man) as it was moving and complex (for shame on that snub, Tonys!).

Alas, while theater nerds have long since known about the hidden gem that is Walker, he’s about to be a best-kept secret no more. In addition to snagging the titular role of Honest Abe in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (the guy’s got a knack for playing Presidents!), Walker might also star in the upcoming adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost

Walker’s reps confirmed to EW that the actor is in talks for Paradise Lost with director Alex Proyas, who told Deadline he has been working to get Walker on board for the project. The actor would play the archangel Michael alongside fellow handsome devil (in this case, literally) Bradley Cooper in the renown battle of good vs. evil. The movie isn’t expected to hit theaters until 2013, but that still doesn’t make it too early to get anxious for Walker’s rising star status.

Sure, Walker is already technically Hollywood royalty (he’s married to Meryl Streep’s daughter, Mamie Gummer), and he’s had his shot at the big screen before (he had minor parts in flicks like Kinsey and Flags of Our Fathers), but this would be back-to-back, hotly anticipated, high-profile projects. Besides the fact that there’s something of a young, buff, all-American action star deficit of late (we’ll have to wait and see if Chris Evans can hold up his end of the bargain) which Walker could easily fill, the guy is just a damn good actor with good looks to boot (sound familiar?). If there’s any rising star worth investing your interest in, it’s this one.

The only major drawback? After all this, it’s a pretty safe bet that he won’t be giving out those lap dances again any time soon.

Tell us PopWatchers, are you already a fan of Benjamin Walker? Are you excited about the prospect of him appearing in Paradise Lost? Or are you new to the Walker camp?

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