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'Take the Money and Run': Watch the first five minutes

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Admit it. You’ve contemplated committing the perfect crime. No, I’m not implying that you’re a crook or that you’re dishonest in any way. Just that, in an idle moment, you’ve vicariously daydreamed how you might be able to pull off some dashing heist or some daring scheme. Would you be able to cover your tracks and outsmart the cops?

That’s essentially the concept behind ABC’s new reality show, Take the Money and Run, which premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. Contestants are handed a briefcase full of $100,000 and given one hour to hide it anywhere they want. Then the cops move in, and they have 48 hours to find the stash. If they do, the money is theirs. But if they fail to recover the money in time, the contestants get to keep the prize. Not too shabby. Winning 100 Gs hasn’t been this exciting since the days of Jackie Rogers Junior. Take a look at the premiere episode’s first five minutes:

I’m glad they explained the tools that law enforcement has at its disposal — phone records, receipts, GPS coordinates — but I guess we’ll just have to trust that cameraman filming the contestants while they hide the cash. If I’m the cop, I quickly offer him/her a generous cut and start spending my money. But that’s just me, daydreaming about the perfect crime.

How does the show look to you? Did you recognize the show’s “bag man” from several Farrelly Bros. films? Will you be watching tomorrow night?