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TLC's Muslim reality show cast address safety concerns

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All American Muslims

The cast of TLC’s upcoming All-American Muslim reality show spoke out at TV critics press tour about their goals for the show — and their security concerns. “We’re happy TLC is giving us an opportunity to showcase our lives,” says Suehaila Amen, a member of one of the five Michigan families followed by the new series. “It’s not that we’re out to preach or educate, it’s about seeing the real life of these five American families.”

Added Mike Jaafar, a deputy chief for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Dept: “I’m not from Mars. I’m born and raised in this wonderful country. I’m not in this to be a Hollywood star. I’m very interested in the message … my partner, who’s a Christian, said it best — ‘people fear what they don’t know.'”

Critics asked how the cast felt when the recent Norway shooting was initially speculated by the media to be a Muslim terrorist attack. “When some nut does what they do, it’s devastating. When they assume its a Muslim family, it is what is is,” Jaafar said.

Though the show is trying to break down stereotypes, there are worries about the cast’s safety. “We addressed the security concerns,” Jaafar said. “TLC has a great security plan in place. I have a lot of great bothers and sisters in blue, and I’m not concerned.”

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