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On the Books July 29: Lady Gaga invades your living room, actor Rainn Wilson gets his geek on

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Terry Richardson Lady Gaga

++ Lady Gaga and acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson announce that their collaboration — a coffee table book of intimate, behind-the-scenes Gaga portraits — will be available this November, according to HighSnobiety.com. Finally, some answers to the question that’s shaped our generation: Does Lady Gaga own pants?

++ Salon.com steps up in defense of raunchy teen novels. Judy Blume still sort of gives me the shudders, but Tracy Clark-Flory makes a convincing case for the role of sexual content in YA fiction.

++ Rainn Wilson talks to the Los Angeles Times about his 10 favorite sci-fi and fantasy books. Roger Zelazny and Clifford Simak both make the cut — while Dwight Schrute fans everywhere are wondering, where are those Battlestar Galactica novels?

++ A new Publishers Weekly feature that encapsulates each U.S. state’s literary tradition pretty much tells us what we already know: The Eastern seaboard produces a lot of best-selling authors, Alaskans would rather be ice fishing, and it’s still really freakin’ weird that F. Scott Fitzgerald was from Minnesota.