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'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 8 results: Discuss!

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Gaga throwing shoes! Marko weeping! Sasha getting her Fierce back (in no small part thanks to Pasha, I am convinced). Last night was an eventful and powerful performance episode, to say the least. Who was your favorite, and who do you think should go home? Are you starting to feel the Melanie backlash, or do you think she’s got it in the bag? How pumped are you about whatever batty costume(s) Gaga will don during her performance? Is it starting to hit you that the show is on the upswing when there are only a few weeks left? Post your comments while the live show airs, and we’ll be back after the close to reveal which two dancers are going home and the names of next week’s all-stars. UPDATE: The results have been announced. This show is nothing if not an unpredictable animal, so no All-Stars were announced, though eliminations were doled out. And the dancers going home are…

Jordan and Jess. No number of leg extensions and fouettés could save them from that cruel mistress fate. Tadd and Caitlynn, meanwhile, were also in the bottom four, but lived to dance another day.

So are you sad to see the shorties go, or was it long overdue? Were you shocked that Ricky didn’t have to dance for his life? Do you think Tadd can hold out for another week to land himself a spot in the finale? Is Sasha hitting her stride just in time, or will it be impossible to catch up to Melanie? And, most importantly, how hot was Mark dancing with Gaga? Discuss below, and then come back later for my full recap!

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