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Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio go 'Mano a Mano'

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6a00d8341bf6c153ef011571294653970c-800wiYesterday, Fabio challenged old Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa to an Internet duel — appropriately named, “Mano a Mano in el Baño” — to determine who is the ultimate Old Spice Guy. After single-handedly resolving the NFL lockdown (or so he claims), Mustafa accepted. As of noon today, the dueling beefcakes have been puffing out their formidable chests in an attempt to one-up each other on the brand’s YouTube channel. Click through to see the full promo for this very special ad-vent and read the highlights so far.

Mustafa kicked off the titanic clash by heartily agreeing with a Twitter follower who called “Mano a Mano” the “Internet duel of the century.” He also deemed Fabio about as threatening “as being coughed on by a gnat.” As such, he set the rather standard rules of engagement, punctuating his vie for the title by putting on a dapper night vision top hat.

Fabio, with wind ever blowing in his hair, was quick to respond: “Hello, old Old Spice Guy (who is gross). I accept your rules for challenge duel, and I wish you all the lucks today, even though you will lose for sure and embarrass your family, horse, and luxury belonging.” He wrapped up, telling the Mustafa, “Welcome to your nightmare.”

The first challenge: Write the perfect love letter. While Mustafa went for the more traditional approach, citing a Mad Libs-esque letter he wrote to his mermaid prom date, Fabio nailed it with a keytar and a synth-heavy love song with such powerful lyrics as, “Come dance with me. Do you like to dance? Then freeze. Faaaabbbiooooo.” First round pick: Fabio.

So, PopWatchers, who do you want to win? Can Fabio maintain his momentum, or will experience trump in this battle of wits and endurance? Tune in and keep posting your comments throughout the afternoon.

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