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See 'Futurama' go anime with 'Voltron' spoof -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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Ha-ha-ha! Futurama is going classic anime in an upcoming episode channeling Voltron and other vintage animation styles. In “Reincarnation,” the series will be re-conceived in three very different styles: As a black-and-white cartoon, old-school videogame and as 1980s Japanese anime.

Studio 20th Century Fox gave Comic-Con fans a look at the anime sequence, which mostly took aim at the Americanized version of Voltron, along with Robotech and Battle of the Planets. We have an exclusive short clip of the video below:

Noted Futurama writer Dan Vebber: “The plots made absolutely no sense because they were always designed first-and-foremost around stringing together as much existing animation from the Japanese original as possible. And the characters were always screaming at each other at the top of their lungs in situations where indoor voices would have sufficed.”

The episode will air Thursday, Sept. 8 on Comedy Central.