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Animal Planet orders 'Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots.' Really!

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So. This just happened: Animal Planet is teaming with Heidi Fleiss for a reality show about parrots. Seems the former Hollywood madame has 20 macaw parrots. And that’s worth a TV show, right?

Here’s the must-read official series description: “With her home covered in bird poop and monthly bills for the birds soaring into the thousands, the former madam must balance her need to tend to the birds at home with the necessity of leaving them to earn a living outside of it. With multiple businesses and jobs to focus on, Fleiss spends her days shuttling from the laundromat she owns, to the doggie daycare she is set to open. But, as the anxiety at being away from her birds increases, and the pressure to hire a staff to care for them rises, will the stress of life drive her back to drugs?”

The title is Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots — because you gotta work the big pimping in there somehow. “I never, ever thought that I would end up here, but everything happens for a reason,” Fleiss says. “[Today] some people call me a crazy lady who plays with birds. It’s been a crazy way to reinvent myself, but I love these birds and I will be successful.”

The show debuts July 31. What do you think, readers: Will you tune in to see if bird poop causes Heidi Fleiss to relapse? Will she resort to pimping out her birds?