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'Entourage' movie in the works

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You haven’t hugged it out (b*tch) until you’ve hugged it out at the multiplex. Luckily, for fans of Entourage, they’ll likely get to do just that. While there’s been word for some time that the HBO series would be adapted for the big screen — the series’ executive producer/occasional guest star/inspiration Mark Wahlberg told EW back in December that he wanted an Entourage movie to happen — it now seems the show’s writer and producer Doug Ellin is moving in that direction.

Ellin told The Hollywood Reporter at the New York City premiere for the eighth and final season of Entourage that he does, in fact, have a script in the works (Ellin’s reps told EW they had “no comment” regarding the news) while Emmanuelle Chriqui (E’s lady Sloan) revealed to Fox & Friends that, “Nothing is definitive but it’s not just a rumor anymore.”

Since details are pretty mum thus far for the in-its-early-stages project, we had some ideas of our own. While the show always worked best on smaller scale episodes that revolved around a single plot line, like season 3’s classics “One Day in the Valley” and “The Return of the King,” an entire two-hour flick revolving around one day likely wouldn’t work. Instead, they could have the whole gang do some globetrotting (I vote Austraaaaaaalia) and hitting up go-to Hollywood events (Cannes has been covered, but there’s still SXSW!) When the gals from Sex and the City traveled to lavish locales for their flicks, it didn’t make much sense at all (NYC is one of their characters, after all), but with Entourage you most certainly can take the boys out of their city. Plus, Entourage, if nothing else, is reliable. Vincent is stubborn, E is a romantic, Turtle is gainfully unemployed, Drama is a punchline and Ari is shouting, so why not just have the characters stay the same, but put them in fantastic places?

If that’s the case, hopefully they’ll bring back some of the show’s equally reliable guest stars like Seth Green, Rhys Coiro, Constance Zimmer, Mandy Moore, Malcolm McDowell. But, please, please, no Bow Wow.

Or, should they just stick to the loose time line of Wahlberg’s life and career? As he told EW, “My story didn’t end in my 20s” (Though maybe they should skip the whole part about The Happening. On second thought, maybe not. Twist!) In which case, we’d get to see Vinny Chase snag an Oscar nomination, or star in a boxing movie, or become a dad, or have a hilarious SNL skit about him talking to animals.

I’m curious PopWatchers, what do you think the Entourage movie should be about? Should they stick with their usual M.O. from the show or go really far out there with it (i.e. Vincent ditches acting and becomes a rock star, Ari takes a vow of silence, Turtle gets a real job)? Tell us in the comments section below.

The final season of Entourage begins this Sunday, July 24, at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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