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Giant metal rainbow to bring 'the sense of optimism' closer to Los Angeles, but still just out of reach

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Observeandreport_dlThe U.S. has finally decided to do something about the St. Louis Arch’s fatal flaw: not being colorful enough. Congratulations, country! Sony Pictures has obtained approval to construct a 94-by-188-foot rainbow near an entrance to its studio lot. Built to fulfill Culver City’s Art in Public Places requirement, the $1.5 million structure will be a nod to the rainbow imagined in The Wizard of Oz — which filmed there — but more generally, it will serve to infuse people with “the sense of optimism and well-being associated with rainbows in general.” Shiny, happy, people, laughing. They’ll be everywhere! Until they glance away and realize that real rainbows aren’t real and that’s not a jauntily jigging leprechaun on the other side of the artificial rainbow. It’s a bum. 

I’m still obsessed with it, though. Anything that makes reality look more like imagination or a Sarah Silverman cough syrup hallucination (definitely click that if you’re in a weird mood) is something I support. Would you totally drive by this thing in early 2012 and make wishes and ask “What does it mean?” like I am going to? And did Sony miss the mark completely by not making this a DOUBLE RAINBOW?

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