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'Friends With Benefits' costar Bryan Greenberg: Movie premiere Dos and Don'ts

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Bryan Greenberg
Marc Stamas/Getty Images

Tonight, Friends With Benefits holds its premiere in New York City, sponsored by AXE Shower. (How perfect is that?) We asked costar Bryan Greenberg (HBO’s How to Make It In America, October Road) — whose favorite of the AXE Fixers is the Shock shower gel — if he’s ever had a situation to rival AXE’s commercials. After laughing, he came up with one: “I have a female audience, so I’ve had glimpses of that. If I’m the Midwest in a mall, it could get a little hairy,” he says. “But nothing that I can’t handle. I appreciate it when fans are supportive, so it’s all good.”

We also asked him for tips on how to make it through a movie premiere. (Do eat beforehand and don’t wear a tie when it’s above 90 degrees are givens.)

— Don’t take a date. Tonight, he’ll be with his manager. “If you’re in the movie, your date isn’t gonna see much of you because you’re workin’ the room, people are talking to you, and you’re doing press. That’s an awful date to go on for the girl, I assume,” he says. “She’s like, ‘What about me?'” Parents and buddies are also acceptable. 

— Do have your response ready for when you’re asked to the Marine Corps Ball: “I’m dying to go the ball. I was thinking about going stag. It sounds like it’s gonna be a cool party,” he says.

— Don’t blink a lot on the red carpet: “Try to keep your eyes open. If they catch that one shot with your eyes half-open, they’ll use it.”

— Do think about where to sit: “For a movie like this, I’ll sit in the middle. Movies I’m not sure about, I like to sit on the aisle,” he jokes.

— Don’t be scared of audience feedback: “It’s really Justin and Mila’s movie. There’s no pressure for me. I’m just there to support [the film] and check it out.” He laughs. “Afterwards, I might get slapped. Random women coming up and hitting me in the face. I’m excited. I always play nice guys. It’s a change-up.”

— Do take advantage of the moment of good will: “I remember at the premiere of Prime in [2005], I bought a motorcycle a couple months before as a gift to myself for doing the movie, but I didn’t tell my parents. My friend said to my dad, ‘Oh, you must be really proud of Bryan. He’s doing really great.’ My dad’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m very proud of him.’ My friend’s like, ‘What do you think about that whole motorcycle situation?’ My dad’s like, ‘What?’ ‘You know, that he got a motorcycle.’ My dad’s like, ‘He got a motorcycle? I didn’t know that.’ I was so pissed at my friend. I was like, ‘I can’t believe that you told him, but if there’s any time for him to hear it, it was tonight ’cause he was so proud of me,'” he laughs. “It was perfect. It was perfect.”

— Don’t forget to plug what’s next: Season 2 of How to Make It in America will premiere Oct. 2 on HBO, Greenberg says. “We just wrapped. It’s gonna be crazy. We stepped it up on so many levels. The first season was figuring some things out on the show, but now we’ve established what we want to do, who these characters are. We move forward in time a little bit and my character, Ben, and his partner, Cam, their fashion line called Crisp has the potential to be really, really big this year. And that brings in a lot of new elements and new characters. It’s funnier. It’s a lot sexier. It’s a lot edgier.”