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'Big Brother': Will Porsche or Keith be evicted?

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Last night’s episode of Big Brother featured a grandly pointless veto competition, since the team that was actually up on the block — Keith and Porsche — were both secretly working against each other. Their plan succeeded miserably, which means that one of them will go home tonight. Easy money says Porsche is going home, since the balance of voting power has tilted towards the Newbie Coalition in the wake of Dick’s disappearance. But Keith has so far shown an amazing ability to alienate his teammates. Can the Veteran Squad convince unallied contestants like Kalia or Shelly to vote their way? Will Keith get himself De-Regulated? Will Rachel laugh at something that isn’t funny? And what’s Olivia Wilde doing on Big Brother when she should be out promoting all her exciting new movies? We’ll find out tonight. My bet: Porsche will be sent to the garage… of shame. UPDATE: And the eliminated Big Brother contestant is (SPOILER ALERT!!!):

I was wrong, dead wrong! Keith was sent home. It almost seems like his fellow Regulators were trying to stealthily push him out of the door — Dominic and Lawon didn’t even bother campaigning for the non-allied Newbies’ votes. (Only Fauxlivia Wilde even tried to convince Kalia and Shelly to vote against Porsche…and she didn’t do a very good job.) That means Porsche joins Daniele in the Golden Key Sorority.

Meanwhile, Jordan won a mini-golf contest to become the new Head of Household. The balance of power has shifted back to the Veterans.

Full recap is coming in a few hours; for now, start talking!

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