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Martha Stewart animated web series

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Axl_lLast week, AOL Kids launched an online web series called Martha and Friends, about, presumably a young Martha Stewart — or at the very least, a wee Martha Stewart enthusiast who just so happens to share her name — and her fellow black-eyed pals Kevin, Lily, Hannah, and her talking dogs, Francesca and Sharkey. The gang engages in Martha Stewart-like activities, and speak to one another like they’re in an infomercial. (“Try mood mist, an avocado mask, homemade lip balm and everything you need for a natural manicure!”) The episodes, which run a little over three minutes each — but will haunt your dreams forever — look a little bit like if The Sims were to stop being fun and start doing crafts. Since we’re guessing not many kids are into Martha Stewart — not until she starts showing Dora the Explorer how to get maximum use out of packing her book bag — we can only assume this website is intended for adults. In which case, we are even more creeped out and confused than we were before.

Have you visited MarthaAndFriends.com, PopWatchers? What did you make of it? Tell us in the comments section below. Oh, and best of luck getting that theme song out of your head!

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