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'Monte Carlo': 5 things you can't tell from the trailer

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Monte Carlo
Larry Horricks

SPOILER ALERT! There are some things that the trailer for the new Selena Gomez movie Monte Carlo does not give away. Here are five of them. Note: If you’re planning to see the movie, stop reading!

1. The three leads (Gomez, Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester, and Melrose Place‘s Katie Cassidy) aren’t all friends. Turns out, Meester’s character, Meg, is 21, and the new stepsister to Gomez’s character, recent high school grad Grace. Grace has been saving to go to Paris with Emma (Cassidy), who went to high school with Meg but now waitresses with Grace. Meg doesn’t get along with either Grace or Emma, but her father springs for her to accompany them to France because Meg has closed herself off to the world since her mother died, and because Grace’s mother doesn’t trust wild Emma. So you have Meg trying to find a way to live again, Grace searching for herself and a purpose, and Emma wanting to experience some glamour. When they get separated from their crappy tour bus in Paris, they duck into a fancy hotel during a rainstorm and overhear a British heiress Cordelia (also Gomez) say she’s skipping out on a charity commitment in Monte Carlo that is supposed to rehab her image so she can party with friends instead. The hotel staff mistakes Grace for Cordelia, and they’re off to Monte Carlo on a private plane.

2. Glee‘s Cory Monteith isn’t the biggest heartthrob. Monteith doesn’t get a lot of screen time, since he’s the grease monkey boyfriend Emma leaves back in Texas. He’s so worried about her spending a week in Paris that he tries to fence her in by asking her to stay home and marry him. She’s never been outside of Texas, so she’s going. Eventually, he heads abroad to find Emma, and I wondered why he had a passport lying around if he’s so afraid of the outside world stealing Emma away. For me, the real heartthrob is the Australian tourist Riley (Luke Bracey) Meg keeps running into. As he ultimately reveals to her, a rugby injury kept him on his back for a year in the hospital, and he’s found his way back to life traveling. He’s sweet, reminds me of Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam, and looks great with the buttons on his shirt undone. I hope we see more of him. Grace’s beau in the film, Theo (Pierre Boulanger), is also swoonworthy naturally. He’s the son of the philanthropist who’s hosting Cordelia. She’s agreed to auction off one of her necklaces worth millions to benefit his foundation, which builds schools. Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve about the film…

3. Meg is stupid. So Emma gets invited out to a dinner party on a yacht with a handsome prince and decides to wear the necklace that is being auctioned the next day. On her way there, the prince’s convertible pulls up next to Meg and Riley on his motorcycle. Meg makes Emma give her the necklace for safe keeping, and she puts it in Riley’s backpack, which is tied to his motorcycle, and probably stays there when they go out dancing with his friends. What!? If Meg were as smart as she’d been made out to be for the first three-quarters of the film, she would have driven the diamond necklace home. But then, the real Cordelia couldn’t have discovered it missing when she arrived in Monte Carlo, Riley wouldn’t have discovered it and had a reason not to board the train to Italy solo, and Grace wouldn’t have gotten a chance to come clean to everyone in the room during the bidding.

4. French police don’t care if you impersonate someone if the trip had already been paid for, if you steal a necklace as long as you return it, or if you tie someone to a chair and gag them as long as it’s so a charity auction can go ahead as planned. There are no consequences for the girls.

5. You’ve actually seen the end of the film in the trailer. Theo doesn’t take the deception well when all is revealed. But in the epilogue, when he’s visiting a school his family foundation is building, and he sees Grace ride by on a bicycle (she’s volunteering there), he chases her down and whistles to get her attention — which we all knew he would do from the moment she tried to teach him how to whistle earlier in the film.

Bonus: Meg is a Battlestar Galactica fan. At one point, she says “Oh frak.”

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