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Loved That?/Read This!

We recommend books just like the movies and TV shows you love

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Loved This?
Read This!
If you enjoyed the film’s depiction of female camaraderie and the non-revelation that women can be funny (duh!), then you should pick up the new paperback edition of J. Courtney Sullivan’s novel about a group of college girlfriends navigating the waters of adulthood.

Loved This?
The Killing
Read This!
The Preacher
Were you obsessed with the AMC series, where the weather is drizzly and the murder is grisly? It’s based on a Danish show, so go Scandinavian with this thriller from Camilla Läckberg.

Loved This?
Super 8
Read This!
Okay for Now
There aren’t any aliens on the loose in two-time Newbery winner Gary D. Schmidt’s latest young-adult novel, but there is an examination of childhood loss, a nostalgia for small-town America in the late 1960s, and that Spielbergian sense that the kids might just be the smartest ones among us.