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The Blow-off review - Jim Knipfel

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Jim Knipfel | THE FAMED MONSTER No one gets off easy in this sardonic writer's pointed novel

The Blow-off

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Jim Knipfel

We gave it a B+

Knipfel’s writing ages like fine wine. That is, into fine vinegar. His phenomenal memoir Slackjaw, about losing his sight to retinitis pigmentosa, ?was refreshingly free of self-pity, and ?he never lets anyone else off the hook, either. His new novel, The Blow-off, about ?a misanthropic crime reporter at a Brooklyn paper who accidentally sets off a wave of mass hysteria with an ?article about a local monster, is a ?weary, hilariously sardonic shake of the head at the media and the public’s ?willingness, even outright desire, to get riled up over nothing in particular. There may or may not be a monster at the end of this book, but Knipfel’s writing has quite a bite. B+