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The Voice finale duets

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Every year while watching American Idol, we anxiously anticipate the finale. Not just because soon after, we’ll finally be forced to cure ourselves of our months-long inappropriate obsessions with 16-year-old reality stars who can carry a tune. No, we also look forward to the finale because that’s when some of the music industry’s greatest legends take the Idol stage and duet with some of our favorite contestants of the season. (Season 10’s finale alone featured artists like Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Gladys Knight, Tony Bennett.)

Well now, The Voice — NBC’s version of a singing reality show, which plays like Idol‘s younger, more daring, and better-looking cousin — is following suit, and offering up some stars to duet with the first season’s final four: Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Javier Colon, and Vicci Martinez. And the talent who will be stopping by, without further ado: Miranda Lambert will sing with Dia, Stevie Nicks with Javier, Train’s Pat Monahan with Vicci, and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder with Beverly. Hmm. Not a bad lineup, but I can’t help but escape into a magical dream land where Christina Aguilera interrupts the show to gift me her “Genie in the Bottle” music video outfit, Carson Daly reveals he’s actually a robot manufactured to put all humans to sleep so an underground force can pull some Dark City-esque shenanigans, and I choose the final duets. So I’m going to share who I wish Dia, Beverly, Javier, and Vicci could perform alongside during the first season finale of The Voice:

Dia (Team Blake): The girl with the anime eyes and unique tone should choose another artist who has notoriety thanks to her unique tone of voice. Colbie Caillat seems an obvious choice (Dia did, after all, sing one of her songs for the audition), as does another subdued singer like Norah Jones, but I’m inclined to think she’d pull off something interesting with the likes of Feist. Bonus: Dia and the “1234” singer could pen one helluva children’s book.

Beverly (Team Christina): This one’s a tough one. The obvious choice is Melissa Etheridge, but is there anyone better that’s not too predictable? No, there isn’t. Melissa Etheridge it is.

Vicci (Team Cee Lo): Since Vicci and battle round mate Niki Dawson absolutely killed it singing Pink’s “Perfect,” I can’t help but wish that the finalist and Pink could band together for one powerful, passionate performance. Would be, well, perfect, no? Maybe one day…

Javier (Team Adam): The charming contestant would have been well-served pairing with another charmer who knows how to top the charts: Bruno Mars. I’d step on a grenade to see that duet. Actually, no, because the only TV show I’m that passionate about is Rock of Love. Sorry Voice.

Your turn, PopWatchers: Who do you wish the final four were able to duet with?

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