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Silver Girl review - Elin Hilderbrand

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BERNIE VICTIMS 'Silver Girl' borrows heavily from the Madoff scandal fall-out

Silver Girl

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Elin Hilderbrand
Reagan Arthur Books

We gave it a B-

Imagine that Bernie Madoff’s crime offered a silver lining for ?everyone involved? well, everyone except Bernie. That’s the premise of Silver Girl, a mash-up of Ruth Madoff’s post-scandal tale with nearly every chick-lit trope out there. (Hunky blue-collar guy? Check. Women of a certain age still rockin’ swimsuits? Check.) Here, our Ruth ?stand-in is a younger, Princeton-educated woman named Meredith Delinn, who hides out at a Nantucket retreat where the chardonnay flows. Hilderbrand’s tone is breezy and easy as always. But she’s borrowed details so freely from Ruth Madoff’s ruined life that it feels as if another crime — identity theft — has been committed. B-