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Puss In Boots new trailer Zach Galifianakis

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In the latest trailer for DreamWorks’ Puss In Boots (out Nov. 4), we get a glimpse — or rather a soundbite — of Zach Galifianakis’ latest role: Humpty Alexander Dumpty. It’s a fitting part for the rotund funnyman, who has traded on his flesh in everything from Due Date (RDJ face-to-flab contact, anyone?) to The Hangover franchise.

Alongside the classic sight gags (kitties licking milk! kitties chasing beam of light!) we’ve come to associate with the Shrek series, we get a serving of ham courtesy of Galifianakis. (Sample line from the egg man: “I’ll tell ya this: It ain’t over easy!”)

The prequel’s trailer also has the lion’s share of swashbuckling shots and sass from co-star Salma Hayek, who plays a feline foil to Antonio Banderas’ titular character. Watch the new trailer embedded after the jump:

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