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'The Bachelorette' episode 5: Wait, did I miss something?

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Spoiler alert! Read no further if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode. Okay, here goes: What’s that, Team Bachelorette? You know that you totally made it seem like Bentley was coming back to give Ashley some closure this week, but in fact you were just kidding and he’s not coming back until next week? So… you thought we’d find that little bait-and-switch funny? Oh, I see. Well, I’ve gotta say, it really wasn’t that funny. In fact, it was pretty damn annoying. Would you agree, rose lovers? I guess it’s hard to stay too mad, seeing as tonight’s episode did feature a guy in hot pink boxing shorts getting his “bell rung” so hard he needed a trip to a Thai hospital. Stay tuned for my full TV recap later tonight (UPDATE: Kristen’s Bachelorette episode 5 recap is now live, as is Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelorette blog), but if you’ve seen tonight’s episode let me know what you thought in the comments below. Were you surprised by the Bentley fake out? Who looked hottest on the boxing date? And could Ben F. be stealing front-runner status from JP? Take the gloves off and start posting!