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Who is the coolest Fraggle?

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Life doesn’t get much cooler when you’re a Fraggle. The denizens of the beloved HBO ’80s children’s show simply dance their cares away, leave worry for another day, and basically just let the music play down at their home, Fraggle Rock. And now there are reports that one of the coolest bands around, the Scissor Sisters, are planning to pen music for a long-gestating Fraggle Rock movie.

But who is the coolest Fraggle of them all? (Figuratively speaking, obviously — their subterranean home likely keeps all the Fraggles at the same regulated temperature. Why are you all looking at me like that?) Let’s break it down: 


Appearance: Orange, with purple hair.

Distinctive personality trait: The Fraggle-in-chief

Why he is cool: Has a gourd for a guitar, and he gets postcards from his Uncle Matt traveling in “Outer Space” (i.e. the human world).


Appearance: Pinkish purple, with light blue hair

Distinctive personality trait: The upbeat, easy-going poetess

Why she is cool: Must brave the Gorg’s garden to get the all-important radishes.


Appearance: Yellow, with yellow hair

Distinctive personality trait: The indecisive and befuddled sidekick

Why he is cool: Always rocking the Hawaiian shirt, and bold enough to do it unironically


Appearance: Green, with orange hair

Distinctive personality trait: The lone wolf and Fraggle cook

Why he is cool: Keeps to himself, can whip up a mean meal, and has an extensive collection of socks


Appearance: Orange, with reddish-orange hair

Distinctive personality trait: The extroverted iconoclast

Why she is cool: Likely the best athlete in all of Fraggle rock.

So who do you think is the coolest Fraggle?

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