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Lady Gaga Forbes best-paid under 30

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Ah, to be young. Youth is a wonderful and tumultuous time filled with exciting career prospects, rocky romances, and making millions of dollars from touring the world, singing, and wearing zany outfits. Okay, so not so much for most under 30-somethings. (In fact, for most under 30-somethings, take out that last part and just add in “Paying off student loans and sharing an apartment with roughly seven people.”) But, then again, Lady Gaga has never been like most under 30-somethings.

The seemingly unstoppable pop star, who is just 25 years old, tops this year’s Forbes list of the best-paid celebrities that are under the age of 30. Forbes estimates that, over the past year, Lady Gaga has earned upwards of $90 million, thanks largely in part to her massive touring schedule and record sales.

Still, Gaga, who rocketed up from No. 3 spot where she sat last year, isn’t the only one making me grateful Cribs isn’t still around to make me wonder where things all went terribly, terribly wrong for me. Justin Bieber comes in at a distant — but still staggeringly impressive — second place with an estimated gross income of $53 million. Yes, the 17-year-old, who spent his past year touring, making a successful 3-D concert movie, and deeply upsetting us with his public displays of affection with girlfriend Selena Gomez, made scads of money while doing it.

Rounding out the top three is the Miami Heat’s 26-year-old forward LeBron James, who made about $48 million, thanks to his NBA salary and cushy endorsement deals. (Guess he’s having the last laugh now… Nope, I was wrong, the Mavericks victory is still completely satisfying.) But, James is hardly the only athlete on the list. Among just some of the top-earning physically fit youths are James’ 29-year-old teammate Dwyane Wade, who made $26 million, and 24-year-old tennis champ Maria Sharapova, who earned $24 million.

Besides athletes, the other dominate trend on the Forbes list was, as we saw with Gaga, the appearance of pop divas. To name a few: Taylor Swift, 21 ($45 million), Katy Perry, 26 ($44 million), Beyoncé Knowles, 29 ($35 million), Rihanna, 23 ($29 million), Miley Cyrus, 18 ($15 million), and Carrie Underwood, 28 ($15 million).

And since no PopWatch post would be complete without a Twilight mention, we’re happy to report that Robert Pattinson, 25, and Kristen Stewart, 21, both made $20 million. That income was raked in thanks to not only Eclipse and both Breaking Dawn films, but their work in other non-Twilight flicks, like Water for Elephants and The Runaways, respectively.

Which star are you most surprised to see — or not see, for that matter — on the Forbes list of the best-paid celebs under 30 years old, PopWatchers? Or are you far too busy rationing your Ramen to care? Let us know in the comments section below!

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