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'Bachelorette': We're not used to good conversation, Ames

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Gymkata_lWhen was the last time you saw a conversation on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor that you actually wanted to hear more of? I think the first and only time it’s happened to me was during Ames’ date with Ashley last night. Watch it below. I’m guessing we all, like Ashley, expected their one-on-one to be painful. Instead, it was disarmingly comfortable and, gulp, interesting. “If you could change one thing about growing up, what would it be?” he asked her over dinner. (When was the last time you saw people eat that much of their meal on a dating show?)

So often on these dates, people seem to be just trying to find out if they can tolerate one another, because for the suitor, that’s all it takes to stay in the game. But it felt like Ames was actually trying to find out if he liked her. Most of the time when I hear couples exchange “I like you”s on this show, I’m thinking WHY? We never get to see or hear what they have in common (other than the confidence to make out in swimwear on camera). But I believed it with Ames and Ashley. 

Do you think the 31-year-old portfolio manager from New York City has a real chance with Ashley? They didn’t kiss, but according to him, the conversation they had was even more intimate. Is he your new favorite? I want to root for him, but I want to hear more about how his girlfriend will need to “understand” his spontaneity. If he’s been with clinging women who can’t entertain themselves when he impulsively jets off to Thailand for cooking school, that’s one thing. If he’s jetting off when she legitimately needs him, that’s another.

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