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The Glee Project

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Glee Project
Tyler Golden/Oxygen

Last night’s premiere of The Glee Project has not made me reconsider my favorites so far (I sized them up here), but it did make me wonder how viable they are from a creative perspective. Let’s be honest: some contestants possess more plot possibilities than others.

Robert Ulrich and Ryan Murphy mentioned many times last night that storyline possibilities will be an important factor in their overall decision. They want to be inspired to write a character and to craft a story. And since the winner of the competition gets a 7-episode stint on the show, we want it to be good, right?

So in looking over the contestants, who do you think has the most storyline potential? 

Part of me wants to stump for Cameron. I loved how he answered choreographer Zach Woodlee’s identity question with, “most likely to be a nerd forever.” Maybe my memory fails me, but I can’t think of an existing character who’s particularly strong academically. Cameron could easily come on the show as a dorky tutor-turned-love interest for a character. Who? I’m not sure. All the girls seem to have plenty of guy (and girl) problems to go around.

On a similar note, perhaps the show is simply in need of more females. Ellis would be a nice addition to the cast because there’s no one who has a similar look, but I don’t know if her “child forever” label is as strong as others’. (Also, as a child of the ’90s, I couldn’t help but envision her head on the body of a Good Guy doll last night when she used her baby voice. It terrified me.) I also like McKynleigh because there is little to no country music on the show right now, and I think she could be a fun character. (Country haters, I already hear your opposition: “You already got the American Idol!”) So I think the female with the strongest plot possibilities at this point would have to be Lindsay. I know she’s fairly plain-looking, but there are so many big “characters” among the girls right now, it could be nice to have someone highly relatable. Plus, if Lea Michele is among the possible graduating faces, they’re going to need a new, strong female lead.

Your turn, PopWatchers. Imagine the plotlines and share!

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