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Abed from 'Community' makes Emmy prediction for comedy race. Is he on mark?

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Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’d go on record saying that Abed is, in fact, the smartest member of the Greendale study group. (Sorry, Annie!) But even I was really surprised how much sense Abed made when he made his prediction that The Big C will walk away with the award for Outstanding Comedy, after narrowing it down to the aforementioned show, Parks and Recreation (which he says, “a magazine” called the “smartest comedy on TV”),  Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock, and the Big Bang Theory.

“We’ll give it to The Big C this year, because we know it’s their only chance to get it. By next year, Laura Linney’s character will either have died, or the ‘Fonz’ of her diagnosis will have ‘grown the beard’ of remission,” he wrote. (Yes, Abed, not Danny Pudi, penned this exposé for Variety. How method.) Abed comes to this conclusion after introducing us to his ABBA theory, which I’ll let you read about there. (But it’s called the “ABBA theory.” Need you know anything more to declare it instantly valid?)

So tell me, PopWatchers, is Abed making a lot of sense to anyone else? And do you think he’s narrowed it down to the frontrunners? Or is he, possibly, missing a very important show?

Now, just because I feel like it:

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