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'Blue Crush 2'? Nah. Stick with the original

Kate Bosworth bests those in her wake

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While it shares some qualities with 2002’s Blue Crush — pretty girls in skimpy bikinis, majestic blue waves, a bouncy soundtrack — the direct-to-DVD Blue Crush 2 (2011, PG-13, 1 hr., 53 mins.) doesn’t come close to capturing that movie’s guilty-pleasure thrills. It’s overly ambitious, for one thing: Dana (Sasha Jackson) heads to South Africa so she can fulfill her late mother’s dream of surfing there. It’s also packed with ridiculously far-fetched subplots (illegal elephant-tusk poaching — huh?). For a more satisfying dose of summer fun, go back to Blue Crush and soak up the sight of a fresh-faced Kate Bosworth as a wave junkie who overcomes her performance anxiety just in time for the big competition.