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Lion King 3D

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Back in January, Disney announced plans to release several of its titles on Blu-ray 3-D format, including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. And today it was reported that a 3-D version of The Lion King — one of my top 5 movies of all time — will also be released in theaters this September. As someone who generally goes out of her way to find the 2-D version of 3-D movies in theaters, I have to say this news is quite exciting.

If there’s any movie I want brought to life in 3-D, it’s a movie as visually breathtaking as Lion King. But my second thought was: what the hell took so long?

Once 3-D started storming through theaters (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is an entirely different debate), naturally you’d want the highest grossing hand-drawn cartoon among your first adaptations, right? Apparently not. I mean, it’s taken this long. Hopefully that speaks to the quality of the 3-D Lion King and not someone’s gross oversight. We’ll see.

Nonetheless, I’m left wondering if there are any classic movies that haven’t been made into 3-D that would make me equally — and as surprisingly — excited. My vote? American Tale. And not because I necessarily wish to see 3-D mice. I live in New York, people — I get enough rodent action. But I think the “Somewhere Out There” moon scene would be even more wrenching in 3-D. And I’d have glasses on to block the tears. Double win!

Your turn. Is there a classic movie you think might be fun to see in 3-D? Jurassic ParkFernGully? (Don’t judge my hypothetical choices. They were simply the second and third options that popped into my head.)

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