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Happy Endings finale

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Michael Ansell/ABC

I hope I don’t Shershow this blog post for you PopWatchers, but here goes…

Last night marked the season finale of Happy Endings, a freshman sitcom that, while still working out a few kinks (as any new series will), has some serious potential to become a primetime heavyweight like its ABC Wednesday night brethren Modern Family and Cougar Town. That was none more evident than during last night’s ep, which found the series treading into some exciting new territory… right before abandoning us all summer. Come on!

When the gang heads to the wedding of their so-notoriously-unreliable-his-last-name-is-an-adjective pal Shershow (who doesn’t have a friend like this?) to a lady who is “both beautiful and says Honduras the fancy way” (Casey Wilson’s Bride Wars co-scribe June Diane Raphael), things turned hilariously disastrous in almost record time.

A freaked-out Penny (the talented Wilson, who I hope they give more than the sad, single gal routine in season 2) called in the worst fake fiance of all-time to try and save face in front of her marriage safety Shershow (it failed), while Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) was deemed a “wedding curse,” thanks to her own failed trip down the aisle.

The stigma, as well as seeing Dave (Zachary Knighton), her ex-groom-to-be hooking up with a ditzy bridesmaid, got her wondering — out loud, no less — about if she made the wrong choice. How much Dave heard about her marital musings is up for debate, but if their spin on the dance floor gave anything away, it’s that he might not really be over her either.

I’m so glad Happy Endings finally got around to this storyline for two big reasons. One: Alex and Dave sort of get pushed to the back burner (though it’s sort of tough to shine when you have Adam Pally’s Max and Damon Wayans Jr.’s Brad stealing the show every week), and two: There’s no conceivable way two people who were supposed to get married mere months ago could hang out without either hating each others’ guts or having some unresolved feelings of love. What they’ll do with it next season is anyone’s guess, but I hope the writers stick with it.

It was also pretty refreshing for the show to finally get a little bit mushy in those last few scenes, without going overboard on it. One of the things that drew me to the show is that it isn’t overly sensitive (or PC for that matter… just ask Grandma Geisha), but it was good to finally get a real sense of these character’s relationships and affections towards one another. As far as finales go, they most certainly didn’t Shershow this one.

What did you think of the Happy Endings finale, PopWatchers? Did you like that it got a little sensitive at the end there or do you prefer it the way it usually is? Are you rooting for Dave and Alex to get back together? Let me know in the comments section below!

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