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Shark Night 3D trailer

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Shark Night
Steve Dietl

Only yesterday, over at the Music Mix, we pointed out that Mike Fleiss is a man of diverse interests. He oversees the Bachelor and the Bachelorette; he has just co-directed a documentary about Ozzy Osbourne; he plays guitar in his band California Wildebeest; and he produces horror films, including the new, David R. Ellis-directed Shark Night 3D, the trailer for which just hit the Internet.

So, Mr. Fleiss, what exactly is Shark Night 3D about? “It’s about 3D sharks!” enthuses the producer. “Sharks coming at ya, in the theater!” Please do go on. “It’s a really exciting project for me. Jaws is my all-time favorite movie for sure. So it was always a dream of mine to make a shark movie. It’s got a good cast: Katharine McPhee and Sara Paxton and Joel David Moore and Donal Logue. I think it’s going to do well.”

You can check out the trailer for Shark Night 3D — which hits cinemas in September — below.

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