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'Shark Night 3D' poster sinks its teeth into horror genre and pays homage to 'Jaws'

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Remember in Back to the Future: Part II when the hologram marquee for the fictional Jaws 19 popped out and scared the bejeezus out of poor Marty McFly? Well, the poster for the upcoming Shark Night 3D may not exactly come out and sink its teeth into you, it’s still bound to startle/amuse anyone that drifts near it.

That’s because the poster — courtesy of IGN — for the third-dimensional horror fest about shark attacks in a lake (due in theaters later this summer), while overtly ridiculous, pays homage to one of the scariest movies of all-time, the original don’t-go-in-the-water thriller Jaws. Much like the poster for the 1975 classic, there’s a female swimmer who is about to have her day very much ruined by a Great White. But, whereas the Jaws gal is unsuspecting, it seems the lady of Shark Night 3D is very much aware she’s about to become chum. (Now, which is a scarier real-life prospect, readers? You decide.) While Pirahna 3D technically beat them to the punch (we’ll have to wait and see what the poster for Pirahna 3DD will bring) on that sight gag, any poster that boasts “Terror Runs Deep” and “From The Director Of Final Destination” is bound to get any fan of schlocky horror chomping at the bit.

What do you think of the Shark Night 3D poster? Will you bite?