Sandra Gonzalez
May 23, 2011 AT 11:20 PM EDT

Tuesday night is the finale of Glee, friends, and once again we will be treated to a helping of original songs. But after taking a listen to the previews, I’m on the fence now more than ever about the idea to feature original songs on Glee.

“Pretending” (a Finchel duet) is sweet enough. You rarely can go wrong pairing those two together for a song — although I could do without the Lamaze breathing in the chorus. “Light Up the World,” meanwhile, takes more than a few ingredients from the Katy Perry recipe for fluffy pop hits. (That’s a good or bad thing depending on what you think of Katy Perry.) Earlier this season, the tunes in “Original Song” struck a similar chord with me. “Get It Right” was sweet, “Loser Like Me” was musical canned food. 

In sum, the original songs thus far have ranged from good to meh (in my book).

I have no doubt the songs made some sort of mark on iTunes. (At this point I’m pretty sure the cast of Glee could put out a three-minute recording of various noises they can make with their bodies, and it would at least chart in the Top 20.) But, creatively, do we want more original songs next season after what they’ve delivered so far?

Like I said, I’m on the fence. Perhaps my expectations were too high; perhaps they still are. I’d be willing to revisit the idea next season — but this time, I’d like to be wowed. Moved. Simultaneously bawling and dancing with emotion.

What’s your take, PopWatchers? Have you been satisfied with the original songs so far? Or would you like to see them up their game?

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