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'Strange Sex': Am I the only one watching this freak show?

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Lindsay Lohan InstagramTonight, TLC’s Strange Sex concludes its season, and upon reading this earlier today, I experienced much shame when I realized I’ve seen every episode of this incredibly bizarre show.

For those who haven’t spent their Sunday nights catching a double-feature of Sister Wives and Strange Sex (you’re missing out…), Sex delves deep into the disturbingly odd,  stories that are too taboo to be true, and everything you weren’t taught in high school health class.

I’d go into detail, but one of the few episodes I can mention in a PG-13 spot like PopWatch is the one where we were introduced to a woman who had two uteri and told the story of her discovery and struggle with the issue. (The curious can click on the video I’ve embedded below.)

I can’t exactly tell you what’s had me returning to my television every week to watch this PBS-after dark-type programming. In fact, I watch most episodes with an utter look of horror on my face — usually with my roommate sitting next to me mirroring my expression.

So my question to everyone else tuning in (all two of you) is: Why are we watching this?! Is it the same reason other people read the Weird News section of the newspaper? Is it because we like being horrified? Or are we simply that much in need of something to watch on Sundays?